Glitter Stencil pack


Our glitter stencils are designed to help everyone look fabulous. They’re handmade and reusable, meaning you can re-create your glittery masterpieces again and again, or share the love with your friends.

So whether you're going for festival chic or glitter goddess, our stencil pack includes five beautiful stencils to help you get creative. Each pack includes:

1 x heart stencil
1 x peace sign
1 x swirl stencil
1 x flower stencil
1 x lips stencil
1 x star stencil

Just position your Boho Dust glitter stencil in the desired position (avoiding contact with the eyes), apply Vaseline or glitter glue, cover with glitter and then peel the stencil away. For best results we suggest using a small makeup brush to ensure an even coverage.