Amethyst Biodegradable Glitter (10g tin)


Amethyst is our dazzling purple biodegradable glitter.

For fellow eco-warriors, our range of biodegradable glitter allows you to look fabulous whilst helping to protect the planet. We’re proud to offer this environmentally friendly alternative, and help take steps to safeguard Mother Nature.

Most glitters are either PET or PVC film, meaning they have minimal biodegradability. However Boho Dust is made from sustainably sourced biodegradable film and offers the same glittery magic as regular glitter. Boho Dust breaks down into harmless substances in the soil, meaning you can sparkle without leaving a lasting trace.

Why not help the planet even more by purchasing our re-fill packs - this is the same amount of glitter in recyclable packaging, so you can re-fill your Boho Dust pot and keep using it again and again.

More glitter.... less litter!